Volume 1, Number 1



The Story of the Baby Kidnapping Coyote
"Somebody help me!  My baby has been carried off by them coyote dogs!"

This cry rang out in the hot summer afternoon in Sunland.  Debbie had gone to the fridge for a Coke and the next minute, her baby had disappeared.  L.A.  Sheriffs were there in a heartbeat.  Nobody in the neighborhood had ever spotted a coyote in Sunland.  Nobody believed Debbie's story.

Debbie: I seen the coyote dog walkin' down the street with my baby in his teeth.  I seen the coyote dog!

Neighbor: She's a big crackhead.  Everybody knows it.  The baby even knows it and walks over to his aunts house 3 doors down every time she's smoking crack cocaine.  That crackhead is a cancer on the neighborhood.

Several hours later, the baby was located at his aunt's house - no visible teeth marks.  Even the aunt doesn't believe Debbie's claim that coyotes were involved.  The aunt has since obtained custody of the baby.

Debbie: Nobody believes me.  I'm gonna sit out here day and night with a camera and videotape all the coyote dogs.  I see 'em sometimes.  Usually around 4 a.m. But they don't show up on video tape 'cause they're ghost 
coyotes or something.  So I'm gonna track their footsteps.  Maybe even trap one of them.

Neighbor: Only thing she gonna get in that trap is her crack dealer showing up to sell her some more crack cocaine.  Why don't she move out of here?

Who do you believe?  This is a story with everything: a mother's love for her child, humans battling the environment, a superbreed of ghost-coyotes able to 
escape every attempt to capture them, a woman's battle with addiction, a woman outcast from her society, a woman against the system as she struggles to regain custody of her child. 



This One's A Knockout!!

But we're going to need an actress with some chops.  How about Renee Zellweger as the mother and Ashley Judd as the aunt?  We're way ahead of you. 

Rene and Ashley, check your fax machines.

We'll keep you posted on the production of "Damn the Canines!"


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