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Emmy Award winning actor Jonathan Jackson is best known for his portrayal of Lucky Spencer in "General Hospital". His first appearance in this role was on October 29, 1993.  For his portrayal of Lucky, Jonathan won a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 1995, and was nominated again in 1996. Since then, Jonathan has received two more Emmy awards, along with several Best Young Actor awards.

Jonathan, still quite a young man, has already donned the director's cap, and in concert with his brother, Richard Lee Jackson, created the fabulous short film Crystal Clear, starring Will Rotunno. This talented pair wrote, directed, and even created the music for this great short film. 

If you still can't get enough Jonathan on the silver screen - look for him in the Michelle Pfeiffer movie, The Deep End of the Ocean, for which he won a Movieline award.

True Rights Commentary Exclusive! (

by Jonathan Jackson

One of the reasons I got involved with "True Rights" was the opportunity to
play a completely different character than I'd ever played before.  The script was terrific and after meeting with Meg Thayer (writer/director), I knew it would be a really great environment to take some risks.  Charlie Vick was a wonderfully written character, and it was a privilege to play him.

I don't agree with (television) exploitation.  I think it's really sad that
people have nothing better to do than watch TV shows that delve into the crap in other people's lives.  And the news isn't much better.  News shouldn't have to mean that it's all bad news, but it's turned into that, because of the sick minds of us, the viewers.  "True Rights" is a brilliant look into the hideousness of what a big section of TV has become and it reveals motivations and insights in a hilarious and tragic way.  And no matter what your opinion is, it asks good questions, and most of all, it's amazingly entertaining.

Behind the scenes with Jonathan Jackson

Actors will always tell you that though they love the job they do, it can be very difficult and physically taxing  work. This photograph reveals some of the tougher aspects involved in creating a character. As you can see from the accompanying photograph, the costume Jonathan selected for his role as 17-year-old Militia leader Charlie Vick doesn't provide him with much defense against the obviously chilly weather (see director Meg Thayer, left, in her winter coat and hat). On shoots that needed to go on for up to 14 hours a day, an actor in costume must endure endless takes, and remain in character throughout the session. What you can't tell is that Jonathan showed up with a miserable cold! Jonathan knew that this movie had a very tight filming schedule, and enough sick days could shut down the whole production. He did not even consider taking that risk. A consummate professional, he  did more than power through his scenes in a competent manner; his acting was absolutely inspired! Jonathan's performance was so outstanding that his ad-libbed lines have become the stuff of legend, seamless improvisations worthy of a 1930's jazzman. He was the only actor whose ad-libs were consistently used in the final cut.  

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