Jonathan Del Arco

Beloved Star Trek, The Next Generation (TNG) actor Jonathan Del Arco puts on a very different but equally spacey costume for the role of 'Sequoia' in True Rights. Jonathan plays a drag queen! Best known for his amazing portrayal of Third-of Five "Hugh", the first Borg to achieve awareness of his own individuality, Jonathan Del Arco's astonishing performance made a vast impact. "Hugh" was wildly popular among Trek fans, and may have even inspired the character Seven-of-Nine, played by Jeri Ryan on Star Trek Voyager.  

Jonathan also played the musicolingual alien Fantome in a recent episode of Star Trek Voyager, "The Void". did a fabulous interview with Del Arco, linked here and below.

Jonathan's impressive career has included appearances on "The Torch Song Trilogy" (with "Golden Girl" Estelle Getty), roles in "Miami Vice", "Sisters", "The Wonder Years", "Blossom", "The Mommies" and some Soaps (Days of our Lives, As the World turns). He has also performed onstage, on and off Broadway.

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Hugh Borg - Jonathan Del Arco

Jonathan Del Arco -'s Exclusive Interview

Minnie's Fanzine - John Del Arco

Hugh - Jonathan Del Arco (in German)

Jonathan Del Arco Web Ring


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