Richard Lee Jackson

Primarily known for his portrayal of Ryan Parker on "Saved by the Bell" (1995-1998), Richard has also made television appearances in "Any Day Now" and "Prisoner of Zenda", and made an extremely popular guest appearance on "Ally McBeal". Richard has appeared in two films, the short Crystal Clear, and the feature film Madison

He and his brother Jonathan are also extremely accomplished musicians, and provide much of the background music  in True Rights.

True Rights Commentary Exclusive! 

by Richard Lee Jackson

What made me want to be involved in "True Rights" was the incredible screenplay by Meg Thayer.  The characters were rich and the story really asked some tough questions - but more than that, it showed that exploiting people's lives for the sale of entertainment was a serious matter - she did so with a lot of comedy (genius).  The result is a poignant, funny, and disturbing film, one I'm very proud to be involved with.

Real TV, or anything of that nature, may have its place (as a concept) but I
believe people take it too far.  The "death" videos are much different than
"America's Funniest Home Videos." People become way too animalistic in theirhunger to see other people suffer.  The celebrity aspect of it goes a
different way, that is, "what are the boundaries of personal space?  Where
does celebrity end and the reality that these are human beings come into
play?" There's a fine line.  I believe that personal property should
definitely be off limits to the media, unless invited.  There is so much
press and interviews and such that to literally invade someone's home and say it's okay because "they're a celebrity" is not right in my book.  They are a person first and foremost.

My character is different than me in that he is soaked in the nostalgia of old Hollywood.  Although I enjoy the past, I try not to live in it.  Plus I think I would realize sooner that this situation could only turn out badly.





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