Tod Ciaciuch


Line Producer; True Rights


A graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Tod began his illustrious career as a mute ventriloquist for the infamous Hells Angels theater group in New York.  After receiving the coveted “Steel Helmut” award for his excellence in bar thrashing, Tod had set out for bigger and more lucrative opportunities in the entertainment field.

In 1996, Tod closed his Off-Broadway Show titled, “The Black Man Group” after critical acclaim and controversy and relocated to Los Angeles where he worked as a sad clown for the Ringling Bros. Circus.  For months, some of Tod’s most inspiring antics and thrills went unnoticed by crowds, until he finally developed and introduced some of his most memorable feats such as; flame eating, children throwing, and one of his most dangerous and inspiring feats-- Lion Tipping.  By 1998, Tod had already grown to worldwide fame in the Vaudeville circuit, and made an indelible mark for himself in the Circus World hall of fame.

In early 1998, Tod hung up his clown shoes for the last time, and joined a small cult group in Los Angeles while working as a bathroom concierge for the Tattle Tale, a small bar in Culver City.  It was there that Tod discovered he had a talent for producing movies.  With barely enough money to buy a mansion in Bel Air, Tod set out to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a Set-PA.  But when he found jobs scarce, he decided to accept a job as a line producer, doing odd jobs for up-and-coming directors.  Working for a mere pittance, Tod went on to produce and manage such great films as;  “Jimmy, Where Are You, I can’t Find You”, “Sands of Richmond California”,  “Paradise on the Toilet”, and a small film called “True Rights” which went on to garner numerous awards. 

Currently, Tod is polishing the newest addition to his masterpiece collection, “The Sonic Foam Chronicles”.  SFC is a recreation, in epic proportion, of the Big Bang, which occurred billions of years ago with Beelzebub attached to direct.  Tod presently resides in Los Angeles, where he shares a posh unmarked box under the 405 & 10 freeway interchange and has three children, Earth, Wind, and Fire. 

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